Top Ten Reasons to Join the OSHLS
10 Reasons You Should Join the Okanagan Similkameen Healthy Living Society (OSHLS):

Support the local Healthy Living Fair
- The Society's signature product is an annual fair at which the public can discover how to enjoy a healthier and more productive life. Your support can ensure the continuation of this important event.

Improve People's Quality of Life - The OSHLS's goal is to advise people of the benefits of healthy living. This includes informing and helping your family, friends, neighbours, and community.

Improve Yourself - Members can get sound and realistic nutritional advice about meals that are healthy, tasty, and affordable. You can also get ideas to improve your mental and physical fitness.

Help OSHLS reduce the prevalence of preventable chronic disease - By helping young families to discover the joy of healthy living, the OSHLS will contribute to a reduction in the prevalence of obesity, diabetes and many other chronic diseases in our region.

Get Kids Active and Eating Right - The OSHLS will support programs that get our children physically active, mentally alert, and which provide the understanding needed to make healthier eating choices. Be a part of it.

Address Heath Issues Amongst Youth and Teens - Our next generation of adults have many challenges to address, including being the first generation with a lower life expectancy than their parents. We need to change this. With your support we can help our youth.

Encourage Community Cooperation - Be part of a regional collaboration of governments, agencies, and groups all with the common purpose of helping people to realize their potential for a better life, and to help our region become the healthiest in North America.

Connect with Others - Meet and network with others who have the same health issues and goals as you.

Be Part of Something Good - The OSHLS is leading a movement of change for the better in both our community and in the health industry. Be part of it!

All This for Only $2 - It's the best bargain in town!

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